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Söndagen den 31 augusti 2014 kl. 18.30 till
Tisdagen den 2 september 2014 kl. 17.00



Det XXXXII NIR-mötet äger rum i Reykjavik den 31 augusti - 2 september 2014, dvs. de nordiska rättsskyddsföreningarnas gemensamma konferens. Se inbjudan nedan till SFIR:s medlemmar från den isländska föreningen. Det ser ut att bli en aktuell och givande samlingspunkt för nya och gamla nordiska immaterialrättsvänner.


Väl mött i Reykjavik!


Marianne Levin

Ordf. SFIR


Welcome to Reykjavik in 2014

The Organizing committee wholeheartedly welcomes you to Reykjavik to participate in the conference.


The conference returns to Iceland at a time when new reforms of the European patent regime are about to happen. This we are going to address during the conference. It is however not all going to be about patents as we will address the development in the European trademark regime as well as protection of trade secrets in the Nordic countries in light of a newly proposed EU-directive. Nordic legal developments will of course be discussed among other exciting topics.


We have not yet ironed out all the details but we are ready to publish the draft program which we believe is very exciting. We also hope that a visit to Reykjavik, the possibility to see a bit more of Iceland, appeals to our many Nordic colleagues and friends.


We are looking forward to welcome IP professionals from private practice and industry, academics and students and for that matter anyone with profound interest in Intellectual Property to come to the conference. Last but not least, we wholeheartedly welcome all the accompanying persons that so often enrich the NIR gatherings. We sincerely hope that everyone can find something for their interest during their stay.


The link to the information and registration page is the following:


https://events.artegis.com/event/NIR2014 [adressen ska klistras in i webbläsaren (ej klickbart)]


On behalf of the Icelandic organizing group

Gunnar Örn Harðarson, Asdis Magnusdottir, Brynhildur Palmarsdottir and Hulda Arnadottir